Trade Roof Lanterns

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Trade Roof Lanterns

Our roof lanterns are engineered to be the crowning jewel of any flat roof extension or orangery, bringing an abundance of natural light into the space beneath and creating a bright, airy atmosphere that enhances the beauty of any room.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Wendland Roof Lanterns stand out for their sleek, simple design and high thermal performance, ensuring a comfortable living environment year-round.

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Aluminium & uPVC

As installers, you know the transformative power of a well-placed roof lantern – it can turn ordinary spaces into spectacular ones, filling rooms with natural light and creating an ambiance that’s both uplifting and inviting.

Our made-to-measure lanterns come in both aluminium and PVCu, offering a variety of finishes to match any decor. Paired with our specialist roof glass, guaranteed for 10 years, and available in either blue or neutral to cater to different lighting and aesthetic preferences, Wendland Roof Lanterns promise to elevate any flat roof extension or orangery. 

The Perfect Solution for Light Filled Rooms

A Wendland roof lantern is the perfect addition to kitchens, living rooms, or dining areas, offering an impressive blend of style and functionality. Its 20° pitch is designed to maximize daylight, creating a space that’s both bright and welcoming. The lantern’s strong ridge and fewer bars, coupled with innovative clip-on features, ensure a sleek appearance without visible fixings, enhancing the overall neatness and aesthetic appeal.

Engineered with advanced thermal features to prevent condensation, Wendland lanterns are ideal for maintaining a comfortable environment in spaces like kitchens, where temperature fluctuations are common. Customisable to fit any flat roof extension or orangery, these lanterns come in a range of finishes including aluminium (in grey, white, or black) and PVCu (in grey or white), making them a versatile choice for tradesmen looking to provide clients with a high-quality, tailor-made solution.

wendland glass roof lanterns

Lantern Design

Wendland lanterns embody a fusion of custom craftsmanship and sleek, minimalist design, tailored to enhance any room with natural light while maintaining a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Each lantern is made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for the specific dimensions of your project, and designed to feature the least number of rafters necessary, creating a look that is both elegant and contemporary.

This thoughtful design not only maximizes the glass area for an abundance of daylight but also contributes to a more expansive view of the sky above. Upon request, specifications can be elevated to meet heavier demands, providing a bespoke solution that does not compromise on the lantern’s visual appeal or structural integrity.

Wendland’s commitment to design flexibility and engineering excellence means that no matter the challenge, a beautifully lit and architecturally sound solution is always achievable.

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Glass Options

Wendland offers a choice of sophisticated roof glass options for its lanterns, allowing you to tailor the ambiance and functionality of your space with either blue or neutral Wendland Glass. Both glass types are designed to optimize your environment, with blue glass allowing 52% light transmission for a brighter, airier feel, and neutral glass providing a more subdued light at 45% transmission, perfect for softer illumination.

Despite their differences in light transmission, both options excel in solar rejection, keeping 60% of the sun’s heat at bay, ensuring your space remains comfortable without excessive heat gain. Both glass types boast an impressive U-Value of 1.2, indicating high thermal efficiency for year-round comfort. They are self-cleaning, reducing maintenance hassles, and offer substantial UV protection, with blue glass rejecting 83% and neutral glass 78% of the sun’s harmful rays.

glass options for wndland lantern roofs
easy and fast to fit roof lanterns from wendland

Easy and Fast to Fit

Wendland Roof Lanterns are the epitome of convenience and efficiency for installers, designed with the forefront goal of easy and rapid installation. This means you can quickly transform any room, allowing your clients to enjoy their new space sooner, all while being assured of the enduring quality Wendland lanterns are known for.

At the heart of this seamless installation process is the unique pre-assembled ridgeLOCK system, a groundbreaking feature that ensures a perfect fit every time with minimal effort. Complementing this are the clip-on ridge end covers and pre-fitted thermal clips, which not only expedite the fitting process but also enhance the thermal efficiency of the lantern. The easy-fit clip-on capping further simplifies installation, eliminating the need for visible fixings and ensuring a clean, stylish finish.

These features collectively make Wendland roof lanterns not just a choice for enhancing natural light and aesthetics but also a practical, time-saving solution for installers committed to quality and convenience.

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