Trade Windows & Doors

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Trade Windows & Doors

Our range of trade and DIY windows and doors is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the trade industry, offering durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Our selection includes a broad spectrum of windows, from robust uPVC frames known for their low maintenance and excellent insulation properties, to sleek aluminium windows that bring a modern edge to any property with their slim profiles and high strength.

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Everything You Need for Your Installer Business

That’s not all – our extensive catalogue also features an array of front doors and patio doors, ensuring you can find the perfect match for any design requirement. Whether you’re looking to create a grand entrance with a striking front door, or seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces with our smooth-operating patio doors, we have you covered.

Trade uPVC Windows

Explore our Trade uPVC Windows, designed for the trade industry to blend practicality with style. These windows are energy-efficient, cutting down on energy bills, and require minimal upkeep, making them a top choice for both installers and homeowners. Our selection spans from traditional to modern looks, including options for custom features like decorative bars and unique glass designs.

Perfect for any project, our uPVC windows offer a mix of comfort, durability, and flair, ensuring your installations stand out. Discover our range to meet your professional needs and wow your clients with high-quality, versatile window solutions.

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Trade Aluminium Windows

Dive into our selection of Trade Aluminium Windows, where sleek design meets unmatched durability. Ideal for modern projects, these windows offer slim frames for more glass and natural light, enhancing any space with a contemporary touch. Not only do they look great, but they’re also built to last and are incredibly energy-efficient, helping to keep homes comfortable while reducing energy costs.

Our aluminium windows come in various finishes and styles, allowing for complete customisation to match any architectural need or client preference. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist look or something more bespoke with special hardware or glass options, our aluminium windows provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Trade Entrance Doors

Discover the versatility and strength in our Trade Entrance Doors collection, tailored for projects that demand both style and security. These doors are designed to make a statement, combining robust materials with fine craftsmanship to create welcoming entrances that stand the test of time.

Available in a variety of materials, including sturdy uPVC and sleek aluminium, each door can be customized with a range of colours, finishes, and hardware options to suit any property style.

Beyond aesthetics, our entrance doors are built with security and energy efficiency in mind, ensuring a safe, comfortable environment inside. 

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Trade Patio Doors

Our trade patio doors range includes bifold, sliding, and French doors, available in both uPVC and aluminium, to suit any design preference and project requirement. Each style opens up a realm of possibilities, from the space-saving convenience of sliding doors to the panoramic beauty of bifold doors and the classic charm of French doors.

Customise your selection with a variety of finishes and hardware options, ensuring every door complements the architectural style and aesthetic of the home. Designed for durability, energy efficiency, and security, our trade patio doors enhance living spaces by blending indoor comfort with outdoor accessibility. 

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